About Us - Company Background

ImageFormed between 1984 and 1994, the EnviroMonde Spilltech Network of companies consisting of Spilltech Environmental Group, EnviroMonde Spilltech and ITRD Research Group, was established to beta test, produce and market the innovative and unique EnviroFormulae family of biotech products and processes.

EnviroMonde Spilltech Group was established for the purpose of handling insurance claims regarding home (oil tanks) and industrial heating spills in the anaerobic zone in the Québec market. The ITRD Research Group was established in 1994 where the initial research and development work was carried out on EnviroMonde Spilltech’s products and processes including the remediation of hydroelectric oil transmission spills.

These three member companies comprised the EnviroMonde Spilltech Network of companies until 2004, at which time the Kill The Spill product line was developed. As of 2006, the total knowledge base of Enviromonde is now shared amongst The Enviromonde Network (TEN) group of companies which now span Canada, United States, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, the British Isles, Morocco, Tanzania, and Egypt with our partners and affiliates.