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In-Situ Remediation Of Hydrocarbons Without Excavation!


Spilltech’s EnviroFormulae used in the Bioremediation process act as an amendment and catalyst upon indigenous living organisms to help break down the molecular structure of petroleum into less complex substances that are biodegradable, not hazardous or regulated. In effect, the assimilation of EnviroFormulae with contaminated soil or water changes the physical matrix into a virtual biochemical factory where petroleum is systematically destroyed.


The Basic Procedure Has Two Parts:

Part One

EnviroFormulae consisting of bio-enhancement capable catalysts, special nutrients and water are introduced into petroleum-contaminated soil or water. The compounds encourage certain types of natural (indigenous) hydrocarbon eating microorganisms (microbes), present in soil and water, to rapidly expand in population. The bioremediation fluids rapidly breakdown the petroleum into smaller digestible bites. The microbes bond to petroleum molecules and begin secreting enzymes that break down the hydrocarbon structures into more water-soluble digestible materials that are subsequently absorbed through the cell wall and digested further. The microbes will potentially extract oxygen, sulphur, zinc and magnesium from the surrounding water or soil to sustain this intense biochemical activity. The microbes continuously breakdown hydrocarbons into by products consisting of carbon dioxide and organic fatty acids; this creates an environment conducive to the reproduction of microorganisms. The result is a non-hazardous, non-regulated nutrient-based material that rapidly breaks down.

Part Two

EnviroFormulae hyper-accelerate the indigenous organisms' rate of reproduction and digestion. When properly applied and managed, the bioremediation materials continue the hyper-acceleration process throughout the contaminated soil or water increasing the overall biomass of microorganisms in an exponential manner until the available hydrocarbons is consumed. When the hydrocarbons are depleted, the microbes die off for lack of nutrients. The result is that the soil or water that was previously polluted with petroleum is now enriched with a nutrient-based substance that is beneficial to the ecosystem. There are many species of hydrocarbon-eating microorganisms existing in many types of soils. However, the size of these natural microbe colonies is small and their actions are very slow. When a spill occurs in areas where they are present, it can take decades for the natural biodegradation of significant quantities of petroleum to occur. EnviroFormulae speed up the natural process.

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On Target... On Budget... On Time

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